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Google Docs for Mac

Google Docs is a relatively new word processing platform designed by industry giants, Google LLC (which ought to go without saying anyway). Google Docs is an internet-based alternative to word processing software like MS Word. It is one of the essential components of their office suite. It is termed- Google Docs, Sheet, and Slides. 

What makes Google Docs so successful is its collaboration feature. It makes it easy for you to create, edit, and, most importantly, collaborate on the go. In plainer terms, regardless of differences in space and time, with Google Docs, teamwork has never been easier.

Google Docs is part of an online suite of office apps that functions online. This means that you will enjoy its best features when you work online. It can be accessed via the browser on Apple macOS, Windows, and Android devices. 

Google has a docs app for iPhone and iPad, but the features available on them are minimal. They are really only good for reading documents and making extremely light edits. If you want to edit and enjoy the full range of features that Google Docs has to offer, then you’ll need to get online on your Mac and work in your browser. 

With the Google Docs App for macOS, though, all that becomes a thing of the past. 

Why You Need the Google Docs app for macOS?

The Google Docs App for macOS allows you to access all the features that you would get online, with the added advantage of working offline. You can work offline in the macOS app, then upload it to the drive when you get online.

Perhaps the most important feature that the Docs App for macOS has is the ease of sharing files and documents. Because Google Docs is built into Google Drive, you can easily share files and keep a record of shared files (either those that originate from you or from an external source). As long as the original document was created on your account (or uploaded on it), you have autonomy over who sees the file, who can, and cannot edit the file. What’s more, you can set permissions for who sees your document and what they can do with it. You can set it so that those that you invite can only view your document. You can also restrict them from downloading or making a copy of the document. Of course, you can also set your permissions to allow collaborators to make edits.

Google Docs App for macOS also has a timeline feature that tracks all changes, stores each version of the document in the cloud, and shows who made those changes. That is, with no trouble at all, you can access earlier versions of the document to review and modify or import data if need be.

Also, like on the browser version, saving on Google Doc App for macOS is done automatically and updated in real-time. For every change you make to a document, it is instantly saved into the cloud. So, if you ever got busy and forgot to hit save, you don’t have to worry about lost work.

So here we are with a free, intuitively designed, and perfect app. What’s not to like? The Google Docs app for macOS has already been downloaded over by 100,000 mac users. It is compatible with macOS 10.10 Yosemite and upwards. Don’t snooze. If you snooze on the download side, you lose out on the overall team productivity end. 

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