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Google Sheets for Mac App

In the world of today, data is everything. And when it comes to editing, storing, and manipulating data, spreadsheets are perfect for that. Several spreadsheet applications allow you to play around with your data. From creating tables and lists to performing complex calculations on the fly, Google sheets allow you to do this and more. 

Google Sheets is part of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, the official name of Google’s for their word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation applications, respectively. Like everything you should expect from Google, it’s easy to use, extremely easy to collaborate, and, more importantly, free. All of these make Google Sheets an extremely popular spreadsheet choice.

As the future of work continues to become more decentralized, many tasks now need collaboration, which is where Google sheets comes out on top. With a simple link, you can invite as many people as you want to view your document or even edit it. Think about it like this. If you need to enter some data into a spreadsheet and another member of the team has to perform some manipulation on it, Google sheets make that really easy. 

There’s just seemingly one drawback to Google Sheets and the entire Docs, Sheets, and Slides ecosystem. It’s all done in your browser. This means that on Apple iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you’ll have to do all your work on your browser. With the Google Sheet macOS app, however, you can have all the functionalities that Google offers in a standalone app.

Google Sheets on Your Mac App

With the Google Sheets for your macOS app, you have all the functionality of Google Sheets on your Mac. You can easily create spreadsheets or edit any that were created on another device or the web and do all sorts of things with your data.

With the Google Sheets for macOS app, you can collaborate quite easily with other members of your team. Another advantage of using Google Sheets on your Apple device or any other device is that your work saves automatically. Imagine working for multiple hours, and you forgot to press the CMD + S button to save. With Google Sheets, all your work is saved to the cloud automatically. 

Here’s another advantage of using Google Sheets: All docs, sheets, and slides do not count towards your google drive storage. That means that no matter how large your spreadsheet is, you’re getting virtually free cloud storage.

Furthermore, the Google Sheets for MacOS app allows you to easily import spreadsheets from Excel or other platforms. This is an added advantage as Microsoft Excel has many features that Google Sheets doesn’t have, especially when it comes to manipulating and visualizing data. For instance, you can draw flowchart and Gantt charts automatically in Excel, but you have to draw them yourself in Sheets. It works both ways, too, as you can export your spreadsheet in all the standard formats, from excel sheets to .csv files.

As such, you can create spreadsheets on Excel, do all the necessary operations, and then import the file into Sheets via the Google sheets for the macOS app. After that, share a link so that you and others can easily collaborate on the file.

The Google Sheets for MacOS is compatible with macOS 10.10 Yosemite and higher and has over 100,000 installs already. So, get the app for Mac now and start collaborating with your team members as you create your spreadsheets.

Download Google Sheets for Mac here